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IP or DNS: play.10hearts.com:25565
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Type: Other Minecraft Servers, PVP Minecraft Servers, Survival Minecraft Servers

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If you are looking for the best Minecraft experience out there than PLAY.10HEARTS.COM is the server for you and this is why. With our 100% uptime since we released the server and our automatic server restarts every two hours there is NO LAG and SMOOTH GAMEPLAY.
This server was designed with every playing aspect in mind. We have multiple plugins to allow players to play there way they want. If you want to PVP and Raid bases then you can do that. If you want to PVE and build cities then you can do that. Our “BIG THREE” plugins include, FACTIONS, ICONOMY, and MCMMO along with multiple plugins to stop and rollback griefing and people cheating.
Our website has been designed to be extremely user friendly and has multiple functions to increase your out of game experience. Our favorite is the “STATS PAGE” that shows not only overall server stats, but individual player stats as well.
Our 10 Hearts staff is friendly, helpful, and well informed. With the use of MODREQ we allow users to notify our staff of problems on the server. If your request is made with no staff online it is then put in a queue and will be show to the next staff member to log in. We request you make your MODREQ as descriptive as possible and if it is a location based request, we ask you make the /modreq at that location.
We also have our own public mumble for the use of our
FACTIONS – is a plugin that allows you to create a Faction and claim land for that faction. Once land is claimed it can only be edited by other members of that faction. You can designate owners of specific land in your faction that is claimed so only that member can edit that land inside that faction. If your faction is a “PEACEFUL FACTION” (PVE) they cannot attack or be attacked in their land and their land cannot be taken over or raided by another faction. However, PVE player can participate in “Warzones” which includes the PvP arena at spawn and when PvP events are held in the coliseum.
If your faction is a regular faction or non-peaceful faction (PvP) is allowed anywhere except in “Safe-Zones” (which is spawn). If their power dips below their amount of claimed land then there base can be taken over.
ICONOMY – We allow iConomy on this server because we have a server market and allow users to create Chest Shops to individually sell their items while they are offline. Also when users vote on the website www.10Hearts.com/vote they are rewarded in game currency. You can vote for the servers daily to earn a reward every day.
MCMMO – This is by far my favorite plugin on the server. It is both awesome for PvE and PvP players. This plugin allows for an RPG-like experience to exist in the world of Minecraft complete with experience points, special powers, parties, and much more. It is truly an amazing and fun plugin.
EXPERIENCED MINER – Gaining experience to enchant items is a b****. This plugin allows you to gain experience from breaking any natural block in the game. The reason I said natural is because you cannot place and destroy a block to gain experience.
LOGBLOCK- We use this plugin for a few reasons. Because griefing of PvP factions is allowed we do not do it to roll back griefers. We instead use it to track players to make sure they do not x-ray. We also use a lot of other anti x-ray plugins as well. When it comes to PvE towns getting griefed by non-faithful members we can remove all of their grief within the town as well.
COMBAT TAG – Is my favorite PvP plugin of all time. This eliminates ANYONE from logging during PvP. You might ask how that is possible and I will tell you. Once you have been attacked by another player you and that player are both “Tagged” for combat. If one of those players decides they want to be a wuss and leave the server creates an NPC of that player with the players’ equipment and full inventory on them. If the player is killed while offline, when the player logs back in they will be sent back to their spawn point.
This and many more plugins and people make our servers great. You should come check us out at play.10Hearts.com and look at our website www.10Hearts.com

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