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Welcome to the official thread of Auralcraft! Thank you for taking the time to read about my server and I am sure you will find it to your liking if you take the time to give it a chance. There are many features that make this server different from another.

The first is that there is NO DONATOR SYSTEM. I find this to be a very key part of the system because it is nigh impossible to have a balanced pvp experience. I am sure you have come in contact with someone on a server and it was a situation where you only lost a fight to them because of donator powers.

The second is my extremely radical stance on the prevention of hacking. I have gone to extreme measures to make sure all hacks, including xray, flymod, fastsneak, etc will be banned as quick as I possibly can, but no system is perfect.

All that being said, beware that there is a 1% money penalty on dieing, and you steal money when you kill someone in pvp.

Before you join, it is obviously a requirement that you read the rules. However, they are also located where you spawn so if you so choose, you may read them there rather than here.

1. No client side modifications of any kind, excluding minimap and texture packs(NOT excluding slime chunk detectors or xray texture packs)

2. This is a PvP server. Don’t cry about it when you die.

3. There is no griefing, but griefing is not defined as breaking into someone’s base.

4. Don’t use exploits. An exploit is defined at an admin’s discretion. If you report a possible exploit, you will be rewarded handsomely.

5. Refrain from asking any question that is documented in the spawn. You might be punished.

Real Estate

You can buy a lot by simply having sufficient money, finding the lot you want and clicking the sign.There are a few things to remember when purchasing a lot. You may sell it back, at a 25% reduced price.
If you are inactive for an extended period of time, your lot will be removed at an admin’s discretion and you will be refunded 75% of the original price.


Hotels are very similar to in real life. You click the sign, and you rent it for the specified price and time. Any belongings left in the hotel at the end of your lease are the property of whoever is the next to rent the hotel.


There are a few ranks. Here I will explain what they are and what they mean. (In order of power)

Owner: This is an extremely obvious one.

VIP: Someone who knows me personally. The opinion of these people are highly valued but they have no more power than your average player.

Admin: Helps maintain order by resolving confrontations and banning trouble-makers.

Contributor: Someone who contributes significant things for the good of the server.

Default: Has basic permissions that allow you to play the server and have fun. Nothing more.

Featured plugins for a better minecraft experience:

Mcmmo-RPG like skills that allow you to gradually mine faster, chop wood more effectively, farm more efficiently, become a master fisherman, become a better fighter and even tame animals better!

The experienced miner-Get exp from mining blocks. No more annoying mob grinding to get enchants! Bonus: Earn massive exp for smashing spawners!

Ecocreature-Steal money in pvp. Earn money from killing monsters.

Chestshop-Easily set up a shop that will automatically sell your good to players.

ControlORBle-No more annoying exp orbs! Just get the exp automatically when you kill a mob.

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