Picking soon!

Every Month we will give the highest reviewed server the BestGamingHosts.com‘s Community Award for Minecraft Servers. Winning servers for Minecraft are picked based on the reviews made within that current month. We will only reserve this award to the providers that stand out from the masses and having your player’s review your server with nothing but positive remarks. If your host is submitted to our site, it is automatically considered if you have 5 reviews or more. So if you want your server to receive this award, get your players to review your server here!

Please note that we do not just give this award out to anyone as it is only reserve to the best server for Minecraft picked by our community. If you falsify on your site that you won this award, you will be banned from the site and be placed on our “do not play” blacklist.

Next Award: April 1st, 2012


??? – March 2012