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Danish Compound

Danish Compound for 14 years and up.
Whitelisting by signing up in forum.mcraft.dk.
Powerfull homemade server, no lag and best line. 9 adult operators and 1 admin (owner).
We use security tools, also for you to secure buildings. Restoring in no time.
5 worlds, different outcast. Allowed TNT in one world, and pvp in another.
Pieceful worlds too.

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Review by Kixao DENMARK DENMARK , May 2, 2012

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Dejlig server, med glade mennesker og et godt flow.

Vi er altid åbne for nye mennesker på serveren, hvis man overholder vores kriterier.
Et er at vi kræver at der oprettes en forum profil før man for adgang, da dette sker automatisk.(Whitelist)
Dette betyder at du umiddelbart efter aktivering kan nyde dit fortsatte besøg hos os inde i spillet.
Vi ønsker at du opretter dig på forum med dit “Minecraft” navn. Da det er det vi bruger til at give dig Whitelist.

A server with a good community, and nice people.
And speaking as a Server staff member, I can tell that most people is being all but welcome. Referring to griefers that should just stay away.

We require you to have an account on our forums in order to play, the registration is done on http://forum.mcraft.dk

And because it is a mainly danish server, most of the board will be in danish. However with a little english, you won’t be in trouble.
If you find trouble accessing or is having difficulties ingame or on the forums. Please tell, we are always ready to answer most questions.

Looking forward to seeing you on The Danish Compound – Aka. Mcraft.dk

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