Here are some commonly ask questions:

No. This website actually was discovered before I could finish it. Right now we are finishing up the layout and functionaly as people are starting to use it. So if something is broken or not working, chances are we are updating something and working on the backend. We should be done hopefully by next week as the final elements will be added soon.

Our rating system is very advanced as it takes in consideration of weighted values of the number of reviews. For example, if server A with 1 review and a rating of 5 will be in a lower position of server B which has 3 reviews with the rating of 5. So another words, just having a rating of 5 wont get you in the top of the list. You have to have lots of people agree that it is a 5.

Another example is that a server with 3 reviews of 4 will be higher than another server that just has 1 review of 5. This method will help filter the best to the top as more people review it positively. Same thing goes to the negative side were the worst will start moving to the bottom.

Check out this guide written by PhonicUK (creator of MCMyAdmin):

First things first though: Always insist on knowing how much dedicated RAM they are giving you before buying!

Control v.s. Ease of use

Many host providers give your server its own virtual private server with SSH and FTP access. This gives you the maximum amount of control over your server – you can install your own mods and change settings entirely at your own will.

But if you’re not Linux-literate, then this is not for you. This requires that you already know your way around a Linux command line and can fetch files, navigate directories and move files around without the luxury of a GUI most of the time. Tools like WinSCP can help make this easier, but you’ll still need to use the command line for many administrative tasks.

So if you fall into this category, then you want to look for a provider that makes things simple. Many use bought-in or custom built control panels that let you change settings without having to edit config files. You usually sacrifice some flexibility and some control in order to get this (But some offer both at the same time) but you’ll find it much easier to get started.

Cost v.s. Performance

Pretty simple, the more you pay the better the performance generally speaking. But how do you tell between poor hosts over charging, or really good ones with great deals? Thankfully its reasonably easy to tell.

There are 3 ways that service providers tend to provide Minecraft servers, so we’ll look at all of them

- Shared Environments

This is simply where servers run multiple copies of the Minecraft server (one for each customer) in the same OS and environment. This allows many servers to be run very cheaply with good performance since there are no overheads of running virtual machines. However since the Minecraft servers are not entirely isolated from one other, the required security precautions to keep it safe often restrict what you can do with the server. Some providers that work this way will only allow you to use pre-approved plugins and mods to protect against unauthorized access and often don’t provide FTP or SSH access. However they are the most likely to use bought in administration software to make the server easier to use.

- Dedicated Servers

With dedicated servers you are literally given an entire physical server all to yourself. These are very expensive (They start at around $45 USD/mo) but offer the best performance and can host a large number of players. However a very high end Virtual Private Server (mentioned later) can still outperform a poor dedicated machine. With dedicated servers you get complete control of the entire machine, affording you the maximum amount of freedom – if you know what to do with it.

- Virtual Private Servers (VPSs)

This is where a single (very powerful) physical machine is split into lots of smaller ‘virtual’ servers. Performance depends on how much RAM and CPU time is allocated to a particular virtual server. Before buying any VPS based service always ask how much total RAM the VPS is allowed and not just how much is assigned to Minecraft. Also check how much is Burst/Dedicated (More on this later). Also be sure to check how many CPU cores you’re being given, although 1 is usually fine for Minecraft in either case.

VPS servers give you a lot of control, and some VPS providers ship with administration software pre-installed for users who are not entirely Linux literate or for the convenience they provide.

Virtual Private Servers fall into 2 camps, Xen based and OpenVZ based. You don’t need to know much about what these are. However Xen has better encapsulation (isolating of separate virtual machines from each other) as OpenVZ runs multiple instances within the same running Kernel. So Xen provides greater security and more control (Since you’re running your own instance of the kernel and can load kernel modules of your choice). This does mean that OpenVZ has slighty lower overheads than Xen at the expense of reduced stability and isolation. If one VM inside a OpenVZ instance takes out the kernel – the entire machine goes down (Although in practice this is phenomenally rare and usually caused by a hardware issue, so it’s more or less a moot point). If one VM inside a Xen instance takes out its kernel, it doesn’t matter – only that VM is affected.

The technically minded can find a more detailed argument on the subject at

Most sites make you sign up for an account to add another form of security. We wanted to make it you don’t have you don’t have to go though the hassle and get straight to your review. However, we still keep the feature that you need to verify your email to prove that you are not giving a bogus address to trick us!

It gives a chance for user feedback as other customers cannot reply to it. Hosts are the only one who can reply to the review. The Agree or Disagree ratings only have the power to hide the review. Meaning, if a review gets thumbs down enough times it will show up as hidden unless someone clicks it to open. Please note that their rating will stick no matter what! If a review was well loved, it will turn green to show people highly agree with it. If there is a lot of both thumbs up and thumbs down, it will turn yellow showing a hot debate is going on.

Here is a copy of the forum post what explains:

What is an approved host?

An approved host is a host that has verified their company registration with us and has met a few requirements, the requirements mean that we are confident they will provide proper service to their customers. We don’t guarantee the quality of service, we are not responsible for any experiences you have with these hosts.


1. You must provide us with business registration details. This includes access to a place where we can verify the legitimacy of the company registration. For example if you’re registered in England (or Wales) we would verify via companies house. If the country or state where your company is registered requires payment for verifying the details you will be responsible for covering this cost.

2. 100+ active Minecraft servers. This is to prove to us that you can handle popularity and have the infrastructure to handle a high volume of users.

3. 5 day refund policy. This means that any customer who tries your service and us unhappy must be able to get a refund as long as they request one within 5 days of their service being started. If we see complaints about this not happening we will revoke your approved status.

4. 3 month+ existence. Your company must have existed for at least 3 months, however there is no requirement for time hosting MInecraft servers.

5. Respond to any issues we have with you or your company within a reasonable time frame, if we want to discuss an issue with you and we are unable to get a reply we may revoke approved status

When you review anything on this site, you should have some buttons on the bottom of the reveiw. Select the more options and click on request deletion and give your reason. Copy and paste your text and paste in your review again with your rating (with a minor change as our site will block it for spam). You only have an hour window to complete this.

If you need more asistance, contact us

That means you did not click the link inside the confirmation email. Check your spam and look for an email that says please confirm your email to post your review. If you somehow never got one, please contact us and we can get it sorted out.

No. You can however change your review if you want. Just email us to remove it so you can add it in again. If you review it more than once, we only take the first one and remove the rest of them.

Yes! We encourage you to share your experiences with all of the companies you used to better help the community!

Some questions that are directed to hosting companies:

No. If hosting companies encouraging clients to review to get “free” stuff or any other reward will be hidden from the site. We ask to you to be able to share to your clients anyway you want but just don’t give stuff for positive reviews. It will create bias reviews as the people will only do it to get something in return. If you have any questions, please email us FIRST before you start anything that could relate to this.

Yes you may! Just email us and ask.

Yes, if you log in to your company login, there is a button to click to see 24 hour real time 30 day stats.

I cannot give the exact information as we don’t want people finding a word-around to get past it but our system checks in multiple ways. After our system checks it and the reviewer’s email was confirmed, we have a moderator that goes through them all to triple check that these posts are 100% valid. We hate spam and abusers, period.

Please refer to this forum post:

Are you a host? Want to become approved?

Approved hosts get their company and thread mentioned in a directory of approved hosts, their topic gets an “approved” stamp that makes the topic stand out in the list and they get a custom title for them and all their employees. In return we expect full co-operation on any issues we have with the company and we also hold the right to remove any approved status at any time, or remove the rank. Send an email to

Once you make it on the official list, please email us and we can make the necessary changes.

I personally added every company myself as I wanted to have a large lists of hosts for the community to check out and do research.

If you can provide 100% proof (meaning my eyes on your screen via screen share), I can make an exception and will remove the review. Our spam system should detect abusers because most of the time they review highly of one company, then negatively to others right after. Please don’t abuse this privilege and use it sparingly.

Yes as long you link to our site or your host listing page. Please see our license agreement here. If you have any more questions, please ask away here.

No. If you are getting bad reviews, read them! Take it as we are helping you to improve your service by giving a place for your clients to express their opinions freely.