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IP or DNS: mau5ville.com:25565
Slot Size: 128+
Type: Creative Minecraft Servers, Featured, MCTSR Reviewed Minecraft Servers, Survival Minecraft Servers
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Deadmau5′s official Minecraft server! No whitelist. Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

MCTSR's review for Mau5ville

This server is pretty much what we like to see on Administration. The creativity here is amazing and of course, having lots of people to play with is very nice. we have the few occasional trolls but the moderator team takes care of them quickly. More information in the video above.

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Review by irdoom1337 UNITED STATES UNITED STATES , April 21, 2013

There were lots of players but almost no staff on.
Pretty much everything there was deadmau5 stuff.
The server and very little lag. And good up time.

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