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Noobery Craft

Welcome to NooberyCraft! We are running on 1.2.5 Bukkit, and a new server. We are already broke, and need paypal donations. You get excellent Perks if you donate. Perks start at $5.00. More information on donating will be below. We are currently NOT in need of any staff members, but we MAY CONSIDER your application at totalnooberycraft.webs.com. We are sorry for the spawn being so simple, but we did indeed try our best. This is PVP FACTION. THIS MEANS GRIEFING IS ALLOWED.

Donation Perks Are:
Anything below $5.00 = Let’s just say that $1.00 would equal $400 in-game money.
Note: for Iron Plan+, the enchantments are set to some limitations, though.
Also notify Sapphire5678 if you are going to donate.

Dirt Plan: You get an enchanted sword, enchanted pickaxe, and $3,250.01.

Cobblestone Plan: You get a better enchanted sword, enchanted pickaxe, and $4,000.01.

Wood Plan: You get Donator Rank for two weeks, G-G-G-God-like Enchanted Sword, and $5,500.01.

Iron Plan: You get Donator Rank for one month, 1 Enchanted Item of your choice, and $6,200.01.

Gold Plan: You get Donator Rank for three months, 2 Enchanted Items of your choice, and $7,100.01.

Diamond Plan: You get Donator Rank for five months, 2 Enchanted Items of your choice, and $8,550.01.

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