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IP or DNS: PeasantsRevolt.org:25565
Slot Size: 500
Map: Click Here
Type: Creative Minecraft Servers, Economy Minecraft Servers, PVP Minecraft Servers, Role Play Minecraft Servers, Survival Minecraft Servers

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Peasant’s Revolt

Peasant’s Revolt is a war based server, with an edge of creativity; in the server there are two classes of people, those that are peasants, and those that are revolters. Peasant’s are the creative people, with a mind for building and exploring these players create whatever they please within the city bounds, safe from dangers that lurk outside, revolters, however, are not quite as ‘friendly’, they are the outlaws so to speak, the freemen that want to do their will; they venture outside the city and create factions, empires, or maybe even their own city. Ultimately it’s up to you to decide, which way will you go, join us now at PeasantsRevolt.org

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