Here at, we give you the power to review servers to help the Minecraft Community to find the best possible servers around! You don’t need a login and you can review any servers that you used in the past. Please note, if you have not played on the server you are about to review, please don’t review it.

Things to know (aka Rules)

  • 5 Diamonds means perfect, 3 means fair, 1 means poor service
  • If you are having a negative experience, its highly recommended to at least try to give it a few more days first before reviewing!
  • No affiliate links in your reviews!
  • No one sentences reviews and 250 Characters is recommended! (View example below)
  • If your review is discovered to be behind a proxy or other IP mask, your review will be removed
  • If you are the owner or a past or current admins of the server, you cannot review it.
  • No harsh language within the review will be tollerated

Reviews we are looking for

When you do make your review, you must follow some guidelines when you rate the servers. We do not like one sentence reviews (good or bad) like these following examples:

If you do that, we might delete your review because we cannot take your review seriously. If you break these rules more than one occasion, then we will ban your IP Address. We are looking for reivews that would be helpful for users to read and be whether they should use their service or not. Here is a good example of what a good review should look like:

It does not need to be that long but at least minumum 2-3 sentences and you can be as detailed as you want. If people love or hate your review, they can weight your comment by pushing the thumbs up or down buttons: