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Skyblock SMP

A New Skyblock SMP Server!

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Review by lagosul , December 15, 2014

For some reason a guy kicked me out of his island for “threating” him by asking if what his age was now whenever I join skyblock i spawn ontop of the spawner and impossible to get out :(
Is this a ban or kick?

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Review by 52029 CANADA CANADA , August 30, 2012

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I like the server and all, but there aren’t enough slots and i got kicked for no reason! I was at home, mining a block untill i just got kicked! so that is why i have a THUMBS DOWN.

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Review by SoloKent UNITED STATES UNITED STATES , August 23, 2012

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So guys this is an excellent server. This is for people who wants to play SkyBlock with their friends and who knows what FUN means.
This is a really fun server. It has lot of warps, like parkour, mob arena, libraries, especially my friend cookiecreepers cookie shop. The most fun part of the warps in it, are it has tons and different types of pvp. These guys also host an Hunger Games server. You could also buy iron, gold, and donate for diamonds.
It is also a cracked server,so even non-premium players could play in it. The staffs are really, really nice untill you disrespect the rules. Just check out the server and the website: SKYBLOCKSMP.com. Thank tou for reading my review.

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Review by ownageboii1 UNITED KINGDOM UNITED KINGDOM , May 27, 2012

I think this is one of the best sever ever till I found out that they were using NODUS I mean why would they to be hackers for life.Come on people I’m serious now why would they do that

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