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Sourcraft is a survival build server where the main aim is to survive. It has its own economy, meaning you can earn money and use it at shops. It also has some cool mimgames if you ever get bored! Build epic structures! Earn money! Create your own shops for others to buy from! Have heaps of fun with Mob Arena! We have 26 plugins and we are intending on adding more. We are working on a pvp world with factions, but at the moment its still vanilla, but better still its Skylands PvP! Remeber to vote for us as it rewards you with prizes!

Server IP:

If you ever need help all you have to do is ask and online admin or moderator! if they’re not availabe use


to get help next time they’re on!

If you need some in deapth help or just want to talk to other users. Join our Mumble Server!

Mumble Server IP : sourcraft.mumble.com

Mumble Server Port: 8347

We’d Love To See You Guys On!

Additional Details

Sourcraft is a friendly survival server with 26+ plugins and counting, the admins are there ONLY for your help, don’t feel afraid to ask if they aren’t already busy.

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