MCTSR's Featured: Mau5ville

Deadmau5′s official Minecraft server! No whitelist. Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

MCTSR's Featured: Minecraft Mondays Official Server

Be sure to read all rules before applying. The server is not white listed, mostly so people can log in and see what’s going on! However if you would like to build and be a part of the server. Sign up on the forums and a Mod or Admins of the server will get to [...]

MCTSR's Featured: Minecraft Survival Games

(Keep in mind, we listed only lobby 1 on this site, please check out links below for more 29 more servers) May the odds ever be in your favor! Announcing the first ever fully 24/7 dedicated automated “Hunger Games” style servers. We currently have 720 slots¬†available¬†(both in the US and EU) for constant PVP action. [...]

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MagnaCraft [PVP][Survival][Towny][24/7] MagnaCraft is a great new server offering fun PvP gameplay with the challenge of survival and the competition of Towny! We pride ourselves on constant high performance and only the best quality staff members and management. To make your experience even more great, we are equipped with a range of plug-ins including: – [...]

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Craftasia Gaming

Craftasia Gaming hosts one server currently and that server is an 80 slot survival! We have many great plugins installed, designed to expand your Minecraft multiplayer experience. These include: McMMO, which lets you gain skills by doing such tasks as jumping from heights or hunting monsters; iConomy, which lets you have your own bank account [...]

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Come one, Come all! We offer a Great PVP/Factions experience with the option of creative mode(for donators). We have many fun things to do such as our Minigames which consists of Mobarena(to play mobarena type /ma help or /ma join ), PVP arenas(with and without guns, type /ua list to see all arenas then type [...]