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IP or DNS: tloc.servegame.com:25565
Slot Size: 75
Type: Creative Minecraft Servers, PVP Minecraft Servers, Survival Minecraft Servers

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Server Hosted by a Potato

The Legion of Chaos

FaceBook: www.facebook.com/user/TheLegionofChaos
Website: www.thelegionofchaos.com
MCF: http://www.minecraftforum.net/user/1190917-thelegionofchaos/

The Legion Øf Chaos
IP: thelegionofchaos.no-ip.com

The legion of chaos is attempting to create a new face to Minecraft servers, by combing the powers of the things that people love, E.g PVP and TNT, but adding in our own twists to make them as awesome as we possibly can.

We Currently Have:
- Factions
- PVP Biomes
- PVP Biome World
- Survival World
- World Shop
- Staff Showcase Creative World

Current Staffs:

- TheEliteUnkn0wn

- Strikerfight

- XxAlthalosxX
- TheSacred

However, in order to keep this server running, we need your help! Donate to us so that we can ensure the server runs well and that you are playing in the best possible environment available…

All commands are inherited from one rank to another

Prestige 1 – $5
- 1 Diamond Block
- 10 Iron Blocks
- Purple IGN
- Commands: /sethome , /home
- 1,000 in-game cash

Prestige 2 – $10
- 3 Diamond Blocks
- 20 Iron Blocks
- Golden IGN
- Commands: /sethome , /home
- Pig Spawner [Farming EXP]
- 1 Iron Set [Inclusive of tools, swords and armor]
- 10 TNT
- 3,000 in-game cash

Prestige 3 – $20
- 7 Diamond Blocks
- 30 Iron Blocks
- Green IGN
- Commands: WorldEdit commands
- Blaze Spawner [Farm EXP]
- 1 Diamond Set [Inclusive of tools, swords and armor]
- 30 TNT

Prestige 4 – $30
- 20 Diamond Blocks
- 40 Iron Blocks
- Blue IGN
- Commands: Worldedit Commands
- 3 Spawners of personal choice
- 3 Diamond Sets, 1 Enchanted [Inclusive of tools, swords and armor]
- 50 TNT

IP: thelegionofchaos.no-ip.com
So what are you waiting for? Hurry and type in the IP NOW! The Legion Øf Chaos is waiting for you.

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