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IP or DNS: the-rise.net:25565
Slot Size: 200
Map: Click Here
Type: Economy Minecraft Servers, Other Minecraft Servers, PVP Minecraft Servers, Role Play Minecraft Servers, Survival Minecraft Servers

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The Rise

We’re a PVP/Economy server with a rich array of over 100+ plugins. Including custom plugins such as a dynamic Stock Market to invest your hard earned money and 24 hour open games such as Mob Arena and Spleef. Our admin staff are all over 21+ and with a powerful server that will make your time with us enjoyable whether you like PVP’ing or making money.

And make sure to view our trailer: http://youtu.be/j05Cyd6XtfI

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Review by Rose_Lady , June 2, 2012

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I got on this server and i was vary wellcomed. the first thing i did was read the it told me every thing i needed. then i tolk a test. it is the best way to make shor everytone knows the rules and after i passed everyone was very nice and helpfull exsept for one person. his user name was Lanzcline710. he was very rude kinda a jurk ,but thats just my opinion though. otherwise everyone was nice!huge map and i think that with more peoples help it can be a grate server. I would recomend this sever to others!

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