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IP or DNS: themonarch.verygames.net:25565
Slot Size: 32
Type: Economy Minecraft Servers, Survival Minecraft Servers

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You are expected to cut your own wood, dig your own land and mine your own tools but beware of the Treepers that jump out of trees at night and the Giants lurking in the grass.

If you have any problems please use /helpop
If you have been griefed please use /modreq

We can ensure you that your buildings will remain safe when playing on this server. We have Self-serve protection, Lockette to keep your chests/furnaces/gates locked, Friendly and experienced mods, LogBlock & WorldEdit are used to rollback and get rid of any griefing.
Please make sure you protect your buildings, if you need any help with setting up protections then you can simply message a online Mod or see if you get a reply from asking in chat. You can also apply on the server website if you need a Large area protected for your town. You can also add and remove people from your protections yourself.

The server saves every 5minuties so in the case of a crash, Nothing will be lost.
The server is also backed up every 24hours.

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