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IP or DNS: pvp.vertigoserver.com:25565
Slot Size: 100
Type: PVP Minecraft Servers, Survival Minecraft Servers

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Vertigo Server PVP

What is Vertigo PvP?
We Are a server of PvP-Lovers. Quite a new server, although we do have a number of cool features already and a growing community.Some of us are ruthless, liars, out to get your diamonds and grief your house for the pure pleasure of it. Others are your average minecrafter, looking for an extra challenge. Whether you make allies or enemies, that is up to you… Start a faction with a group of friends, and battle your way to the top! As you gain new power, you increase your prestige. PvP servers are endless in possibilities and we encourage creativity and ingenuity!

What rules should I follow?
Our number one rule would be no hacks or mods. This includes fly mod and X-ray. If you are caught using these, the ruling will be harsh. We do not support cheating, we want all of our players to have a fair game to enjoy. Other rules are quite standard, no spamming, and don’t be a jerk. Respect other players, no matter what they may have done to you. We don’t appreciate all-caps rages, and you may be warned. (Although sometimes they are on accident). You ARE allowed to grief and steal from other people. You can, however, set up a faction to protect your items and yourself.

A lot of extra info is waiting for you in game, don’t be afraid to start playing! Don’t be nervous about asking for some help if you need any! If you have any questions or suggestions, you can ask here in-game, or on this thread. The owner of the server is known as MrVertigo27 in game, you can find him on quite frequently. If you have a problem with an administrator or moderator or you suspect a player/staff member is cheating, please contact one of the administrators. (obviously not the one you are accusing).
Happy Hunting!

server now recruiting for consistent players, trusted players, and potential mod material…. anyone asking for ranks will be banned however remember actions speak louder than words.

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