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Wabbit Survival

Wabbit Survival is a fun and moderated survival server. We have many plugins that don’t have complicated commands (we have guides for any that do), mods and is protected with anti-griefing, anti-spamming plugins and friendly community who are always there to help. We are a small server wanting to grow larger and we are prepared to support a large community. We have a website that has tons of useful information about the server, News and announcements and a forum too.

The server is English-speaking only and is hosted in France, EU. It has a 1Gbps Internet Connection, Intel Xeon Processor for fast processing speeds and runs the server with no lag. I’ve tested it from Scotland and Canada and I still experience no connection problems!

I hope you enjoy this server as much as we do, the world is huge and we have a Keep in the spawn area where (if you have played long enough) you can build your very own house that is protected from griefers and you can safely lock your items away with the possibility of sharing with players you trust!

I hope to see you in-game :)


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Review by jinkos2 UNITED STATES UNITED STATES , September 24, 2015

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This server is amazing. Everyone is uber-friendly. From the second I spawned, I was met with a billion “welcome!”‘s. The staff are on 90% of the time, and that 10% is not frequent. The server is never empty, and welcomes any clubs or friendships you want to form. I’ll give my experience. A friendly fellow invited me to his place and gifted me with fine armor. I developed a cabin, then a manor, then a town, then an empire. I have my own building squad. Anyone who wants to do anything is welcome. My favorite pastimes are wandering the beautiful spawn, building houses, and going camping with a multitude of players. This server does not have forced pvp, you can turn it on and off at any given time once you reach a certain rank, and nobody will take your stuff. If you want a fresh experience of fun, join here.

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Review by hunter2k5 UNITED STATES UNITED STATES , May 27, 2015

I was Playing this server for about 3 days total and word my butt off. The next day the server was lagging and I was lagging I they said I was hacking even tho idk how to download hacks.They Said I had Shft run hack thing and then they were being mean to me and banned me for something that didn’t happened I hope I get unbanned from this server.

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Review by Gwart2 , September 29, 2012

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This server is a great smp server with very friendly players and no griefers I would recomend this server to anyone.

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